Reliable Power

Loadshedding is adversely affecting business continuity & productivity. Introducing the CUB[e], a unique complete work-from-home loadshedding solution. Powering your laptop, router, fibre box & smartphone for up to 5 hours (device dependant). Gone are the days of dropped Wi-Fi connections or a drained laptop battery, the CUB[e] provides 100% backup power during entire loadshedding period.

Battery Technology

Most solutions in the market today make use of lead-acid batteries which not only does not have a long life but is also dangerous to the environment. CUBE[e] has class-leading lithium-ion battery technology. The battery pack has a powerful 268Wh output with >2000 cycles and 100% DoD. Meaning the battery life of the CUB[e] is between 5 to 8 years with zero maintenance. 


When comparing the CUB[e] to a UPS, we say out with the old, in with the new. The CUB[e] is only 170mm x 170mm x 170mm, with the weight of just 3kg. A unique, on-desk working solution. A USP simply cannot compare with being over +15kg and an expected lifetime of only 2 years. Oh, and don’t forget about that distracting UPS fan buzzing in the background, whereas the CUB[e] is completely silent.


All configuration of the CUB[e] is done through a mobile app or website. You simply choose which brand of product you have, eg ASUS. Next select the model, eg Zenbook, our smart app will immediately know which voltage requirements your devices need. As simple as that. We also have a support section on our app where you can WhatsApp us for support or access our YouTube channel.

Goodbye Loadshedding